At Beyond the Brand Media, we offer simple services that give results you can see in your bank account. SEO isn’t a buzzword–it is actually pretty simple. You look at what people are searching for to find products or services like yours, and then you make sure you describe your business with those words. Sure there is more to it than just writing relevant content, but that is where we come in! Our monthly SEO reports help keep customers in the loop about how their website is peforming, and what they might be able to do to improve that. We also offer organic keyword plans and image optimization to help your website climb the ranks!

Getting Found On The Web

We do organic SEO. Simply put, we look at what gets you business as well as your competitors and start changing content on your site to get real customers to your website. We research the things that work for other people and put them in place. We make sure Google can see your site in a way it can easily read it. This is the foundation for generating more business on Google. No secret sauce or hidden secrets, just plain ole’ hard work and experience. 

Organic SEO Reports

With all of our organic SEO plans, we provide a monthly SEO report that lets you know exactly how your website has been performing month-to-month and year-over-year. Each report has important metrics, including total clicks and impressions, average click-through rate, average search result position, and more. We also offer advice on how to improve your rankings on Google and get more traffic to your site. 

Image Optimization

To help attract more visitors to your website, we also offer image optimization services. What does image optimization have to do with people finding your business? With this service, we add and maintain ALT and TITLE text to all images on your website. When Google looks at your page and sees an image, the opportunity here is that we can place a title and description of what that image is so you can have more opportunities for people to find your site on the web. We also rename images to have more descriptive and meaningful names. By adding context, your website will start to rank higher in Google search results. Looking to improve your website’s SEO? Click the link below to get your free quote.