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Blue Alpha is a small American business in Atlanta, GA that makes high quality products catered to the outdoor and shooting community. Blue Alpha was in need of a website re-design after making the switch from Shopify to WooCommerce, as well as our Search Engine Optimization services to improve their rankings on Google and increase traffic to the website.


Every client is a little different, below are some of the services we offer to this client and the challenges we helped overcome to make this store a success.


Custom E-Commerce Website Design
After implementing a refreshed design, Blue Alpha went from a company that sells belts to a well branded USA based company with a website that represents their products’ quality. It was no small operation when we started working with them, but since putting the website in place and moving them off of Shopify, we have helped them to focus more on their company while the website does some of the heavy lifting for them.

Web Hosting
We started helping Blue Alpha in 2017. In the time they have been with us, they have sustained no downtime from our hosting solution. That’s pretty good right? We take pride in being best in class for web design, SEO, and general e-commerce store operations for customers in New Hampshire and all over the country.

Search Engine Optimization
Since starting SEO services for Blue Alpha, we have increased their traffic from Google by 10%. Does 10% sound small? (We think so.) So, here is the fun part: getting the right customers is more important than getting a lot of traffic. 40% of users going to the site used to leave immediately, but now only half of them do. We have made sure that people find them with relevant searches helping them get more buying customers with only a 10% increase in traffic. This equates to a 10% increase in conversions on 110% of the traffic they had prior to using this service.

E-mail Remarketing
Putting the right tools in place to retain business from customers you already have is crucial. We devised a plan to do just this and the end result was amazing. We deployed abandoned cart E-Mail services and customer review requests and have generated over $74,000 in sales from people who otherwise may never have made a purchase. The best part is that this isn’t a lifetime number–it is for just two fiscal quarters of business. Who couldn’t use an extra $148,000 a year?


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