Custom E-Commerce Website Design

Each e-commerce website we craft is created according to your business' specific needs and goals. All of our website projects start the same, we have you talk to a designer who asks some questions about how you see your business. About a week later, we give you a photo mock-up of the website and you can work with a designer to make revisions, speaking in a language that you know about your business. Whether you need Quickbooks integration, highly customizable products, or any other idea that helps you get your products to your customers, we can help. If you want your website to help your business instead of run it, reach out for a quote today!




At Beyond the Brand, we have years of experience using WooCommerce, an open source e-commerce plugin for the WordPress content management system (CMS). How much experience? We have hosted and built websites that have transacted over $40,000,000 since starting our company.

We are a trusted advisor to over 40 companies, we get to know your business and we can help you grow it. The average customer who talks to us on a bi-weekly basis grows a minimum of 20% year-over-year. There isn't any "secret sauce" or "special recipe" we are going to share with you, just years of results-driven experience. Whether you need a Custom WooCommerce Store built or need help growing your existing store, give us a call. I guarantee hopping on the phone will result in greater sales performance, even if you don't end up going with us. We love to help business owners and customers alike!

Making The Sale

Google Analytics is a term every business owner cringes at. We work with e-commerce clients to get them data that makes sense in a way they can understand. The best part? We can help you make changes to your site based on what the average customer does, to make sure more people find what they want and are more likely to make a purchase! Sounds expensive right? It isn't, we offer affordable help and results that pay for themselves or we will cut your costs to one that works for you! If you need help getting more customers to make a purchase we can get you there. With over 40 businesses we help on a daily basis and more than $40,000,000 in hosted transactions we can help with results-based experience that works.


The Taylor Rose Foundation

Taylor Rose Foundation was established in 2018 by Troy Nelson, in memory of his beloved daughter Taylor Rose Nelson. The Taylor Rose Foundation is a New Hampshire Nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation that focuses on youth and young adults ages 21 & under whose lives are affected by addiction. We partnered with them to get a custom designed site that helps them spread their message. See how we have helped them since they found us...

Blue Alpha Gear

Blue Alpha Gear is a small American business in Atlanta, GA that makes high quality products catered to the outdoor and shooting community. Blue Alpha Gear was in need of a website re-design after making the switch from Shopify to WooCommerce, as well as our search engine optimization services to improve their rankings on Google and increase traffic to the website. See all of the things we have done to help this American small business success story grow...

US Optical

US Optical is company that specializes in Digitized and FreeForm® Lenses. They were in need of a modern website re-design as their website was a bit outdated. They also wanted to simplify their ordering process by converting their paper forms to live forms on the website. See how we have worked side by side with this industry giant to help customers trust their brand...

ANR Design Kydex Holsters

ANR Design have been a manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters since 2014. ANR Design has very specific keywords they wanted to target in Google's search results. They were also in need of a modern website re-design that was more accessible to users and would help improve the conversion rate for their e-commerce store. See how we helped them out.

Waring Associates


Waring Associates has been helping businesses architect environments and then bring them to life in Colorado since 2004. They had a dated website and needed something with a modern touch to match the architectural and interior design services they provide for their clients. See how we have helped their business out..


Cole-TAC, LLC is a tactical accessory manufacturer founded in 2015. Cole-TAC was in need of a website re-design to help improve their e-commerce store's conversion rate, as well as search engine optimization services to increase traffic, and a custom product builder for their customizable suppressor cover products. See how we helped this New Hampshire based company grow...