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ANR Design have been a manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters since 2014. Being in the firearms industry, ANR Design had very specific keywords they wanted to target in Google’s search results. They were also in need of a modern website re-design that was more accessible to users and would help improve the conversion rate for their e-commerce store.


Every client is a little different, below are some of the services we offer to this client and the challenges we helped overcome to make this store a success.


Custom E-Commerce Website Design
After implementing a refreshed design and a new builder system, ANR Design went from a home operated business to a shop with a whole bunch of awesome employees who we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. Our main goal is to ensure their website doesn’t get in the way of productivity.

Web Hosting
We started helping ANR Design in 2014. They have been our customer ever since. In the near 5 years we have been working with them, their downtime has been lower than any hosting company out there can guarantee for SLA uptime. Reliable web hosting is a crucial part to your business and we REALLY do not take that lightly.

Search Engine Optimization
We do organic SEO and we do it well. The key metric here is simply patience. Once you get good website rankings in place they are easy to maintain. We worked with ANR Design KYDEX Holsters on SEO for about 12 months (and still do to this day). After the initial year of work, ANR Design Kydex Holster now places on the front page of Google for some of the hardest words to rank for in their industry. SEO plans like this can help companies increase revenue by up to 30%.

E-mail Remarketing
Putting the right tools in place to retain business from customers you already have is crucial. We devised a plan to do just this and the end result was amazing. We deployed abandon cart E-Mail services and customer review requests and have generated over $61,000 in sales from people who otherwise may never have made a purchase. The best part is… this isn’t a lifetime number, it is for just two fiscal quarters of business. Who couldn’t use an extra $120,000 a year?


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