Your business’s website looks great—so why is it losing you customers? While a website might look good on the surface, there are other important factors behind the scenes that play a big role in how successful your website is at maintaining and gaining customers. In this article, we will discuss some ways you can

As one of the most popular eCommerce platforms today, WooCommerce offers a large variety of extensions that can be added to any installation. There are extensions for almost anything you can think of. These extensions will add new functionality to your store, depending on what you want. One of the more sought-after extensions is one

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Conversion rate is an important metric when it comes to the overall success of an eCommerce website. A conversion rate can be defined as the rate at which users interact with your website in a way that is valuable to your business. Some of these interactions can include a user adding a product to their

WordPress, while a very powerful tool, can sometimes become bogged down when not properly optimized. There are many different issues that could cause a website to become slow. However, there are some excellent ways to counter this when it comes to WordPress. In this article, we will explain 6 ways to optimize your WordPress installation

As one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms over the last 7 years, WooCommerce offers users a host of options, features, and add-ons that make it easy to create online stores of any size. In fact, here at Beyond The Brand Media, we love using WooCommerce to create feature-rich eCommerce websites. In this article,

In eCommerce, the term “abandoned cart” simply refers to when a user places items in their cart, but then leaves the website without purchasing them. This is a common practice in certain industries, where users will go to multiple online stores, add similar products to their cart, and then calculate the difference between the totals

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