What can a Matterport 3D tour do for you?

Qualified leads want to see your properties from the inside. They want high-quality photos. Taken from multiple angles. And 3D walkthroughs. If they can’t imagine themselves in your listing, you won’t get them in the front door.

With Matterport 360-degree imaging, Beyond the Brand Media transports your customers right into your listing. The experience is seemless and stunning. Your buyers will imagine themselves in their new kitchens. And they they’ll start thinking about where to hang their family photos. All before they ever walk in the front door.

Whether your property is residential or commercial, every 3D tour comes with 20 high-resolution, still-frame photos. Optionally, floor plans can be generated (accurate to about 1 inch) to save
you even more time to pursue more leads and close more deals.

Things to know about 3D Tours

According to Apartments.com

-Visitors to their website spend 3x - 6x more time engaging with property listings that offer a Matterport immersive 3D experience.

-Properties with Matterport tours receive 49% more qualified leads.

Agents using Matterport are seeing real results

-90% stated that Matterport helps them build a stronger brand in the marketplace.

-83% are more competitive because of Matterport.

-74% win more listings because of Matterport

According to Redfin

Homes sell an average of 10 days faster and for $50,100 more than comparable homes thanks to Matterport 3D walkthroughs, advanced presentation technology, and great customer service.
Source: https://www.redfin.com/blog/introducing-redfin-3d-walkthrough/

Save you more time

Do you need measurements of every room? No problem we can provide a floor plan along with your scan that is accurate down to 1 inch!

Have you ever wished that your photographer took a picture while he was there you felt would help you sell or rent your property? No problem, with a 3D scan we can go back to the scan and get any pictures you would like without having to go back out.

Using matter port helps more people engage with the property before they even visit it. Get more qualified sales leads in each property, sell them faster and on average properties using matter port sell on average 10% higher than those just showing photos. Still not convinced? Have questions? Reach out and we are happy to explain the success stories we have helped to create with 3D build scans and tours right here in New Hampshire.

Start getting more qualified leads

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The cost of a scan includes 20 still frame photographs, a 3D tour that can be embeded to any website or be viewed via a link. The normal cost of a scan is about $300 for any and all buildings up to 2,250 square feet.