About Shane

Hey there! My name is Shane, I work as the help desk support tech for Beyond The Brand Media. Im a 28 year old student with a knack for customer service and a keen eye for detail. I joined Beyond the Brand media in 2019 here to provide a quick turn around on customer issues and keep sites running smoothly.

My Professional Life

My first job was as a secondary lineman at a small manufacturing plant in Dover NH back in 2008, I worked there for the next two years, in multiple departments learning about the auto industry.

After finishing up my high school career, I ended up working for General Electric in 2011 as an assembler and shortly moving to the instrument transformer department building generators in Somersworth NH. I also worked some other various manufacturing until I landed at Continental Thermopol for 5 years as a Team Leader running a floor department and ensuring consistent and quality service.

After leaving the Manufacturing field, I landed in retail in an industry I also owned a small business in, I was hired as a District manager responsible for three locations, supporting their needs for goods and facilitating day to day operations, while also working at the warehouse twice a week. I balanced this job and supporting my small business for the better part of two years, working with and servicing customer needs to make sure the job was complete by the time the doors closed every day.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to change my career and learn a new skill, embarking on a new path to learn something awesome and bringing my customer service skill set along for the ride.

My Personal Life

Well, I’m sort of a giant nerd I really enjoy table top gaming I collect, assemble and paint all of my minis for gameplay. I also really enjoy reading and listening to / experimenting with music. I might consider myself something of a competent at home chef, as I am infatuated with food from around the world. Pc gaming makes up 95 percent of my video-gaming addiction, and occasionally I broadcast my antics for the internet to see. I think that about wraps this portion up, thanks for reading!