About Ricardo

Hello World! My name is Ricardo, but you can call me Rick or Ricky for short if that’s too much. I joined Beyond the Brand Media in 2021 as a Website support technician, which was a blessing in the making to be here. I have over eight years of website knowledge that I brought with me to BTBM, where I will use these abilities to create, maintain and troubleshoot your websites.

My Professional Life

All this makes sense growing up on this island called Jamaica. Since as a kid, I have always had a technical side of me that wanted to pulls things apart and try putting them back together. Playing Donkey Kong ladder on my best friend’s commodore computer was an eyesight vision that I knew how to repair things when they were faulty because when that game went out on us or was not working, I would find some way to get it back up and fixed.
Fast forward, after I graduated high school in 1998, I went to a vocational training institute in Jamaica, where I studied Information Technology for nine months. I did a few jobs in the business industry as a data entry clerk.
In 2008 I left Jamaica and moved to Meredith, New Hampshire, where I got my first job in the US as a prep cook at Hart’s Turkey Farm. Two months passed, I met my wife Alyson downtown Meredith at a local jewelry store while searching for a ring for my friend who was about to get married. We got married at the Belknap Mills in the lakes region, then a month after our wedding, we moved to Manchester, New Hampshire.

ZZ, Kenny And Eli Pop - Cycle Summer 2020 
Kensleigh 2021
Kensleigh 2021 Blueberry Berry picking

Before we had kids, I decided to go back to school to continue my education on computer technology, so I went to enroll in the Manchester Community College, where I majored in Computer Science. That’s where I realize there were so many choices to makes being a computer science student. I found all the classes intriguing, but when it came to web developing classes, I was always first to be in class and to turn in my projects. I had so much passion for the creativity of building a website and making it look beautiful I wanted to know more and more, so I added graphic design to my studies as well. It all made sense how the two classes combined. 

After completing five years in college learning Web design, I started reaching out to some local businesses to show them my work and skill-set. I luckily was able to land three different projects from two local fast food joints and a butcher shop. I was doing some freelance projects at the moment, but also working a 9-5 job as a warehouse parts clerk. During this whole time, I also had my first child Elijah aka Eli in 2012, so things got busier for me. I was struggling keeping up with an infant, my full time job and freelancing, so I had to step away from what I was passionate about to be a dad. I worked in  a few industries doing as a dispatcher for a petroleum company, and also worked for a Chevy dealership for a few years. Even though I was working making a living, I was always trying to find some down time to keep up with the newest technology that related to web developing or just technology on a whole.I never stop doing what I love, because I would always spend my nights after work to do some form of web design projects for my own knowledge.

I would always be checking for web designs jobs as well, and applying for any level of entry, so I could get back in the groove again of what I did best. It was a tough industry to get into, until I was out of my parts counter job I was doing at the time due to a motor vehicle accident. During my time at home nursing my wounds, I stubbled on a job opening for a Jr. web developer at Beyond the Brand Media. From the moment I spoke with Josh on the phone everything felt at ease. It’s like I was scouted by the A-team and I was very excited for the opportunity he has given me. The atmosphere was right here and I felt this was a true blessing to finally again showcase my passion and talent.

My Personal Life

Between 2017 and 2019 I had two more kids, Zacaria aka ZZ age 4 & Kensleigh aka Kenny Rito( she loves burrito) age 2. I could never have felt so blessed with these three beautiful kids. They have inspired and motivated my life so much which helped pushed me in the right directions. I love spending time with my them, and doing the typical outdoorsy things we do in NH. We look forward to going camping every year. We also like going to the ocean, amusement park, the zoo and polar caves. I played 3 years of soccer in high school and a bit of basketball. I am very athletic and always down for a challenge in any activities like ( ping pong, volley ball, track & field)just to name a few. On my down time I enjoy hanging with my kids doing fun outdoorsy activities listening music , creating video contents for my Youtube channel or simply staying in and playing video game or catch up on my favorite TV shows (Family Guy). 

 And so I will conclude this brief intro about me by saying “ Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Things takes time to manifest in life as long as you stay positive and believe in yourself it will all work out!

One Love

ZZ & Kenny (sisters play time)
Kenny & ZZ
Zacaria, Daddy ,Elijah @  ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain  VT 2021